Back to the library [here...](../index.html) > Sometimes when we add interesting stuff to our library, we like to highlight intreresting new stuff and also give some recommandations to something to read, keep going... # Some Interesting additions ## Revision 170205 * **Imperial Leaders**, read about it under topics, for example about J.P. Morgan [here...]( ../AgileLeanLibrary/Topics/ImperialLeaders/It Takes Jamie Dimon Three Hours to Earn What Some of His Employees Do In One Year - BillMoyers.pdf) * **Toyota's trouble**, read from the economist [here...]( ../AgileLeanLibrary/Organizations/TheEconomist/The%20machine%20that%20ran%20too%20hot%20_%20The%20Economist.pdf) * **Old Ken Schwaber stuff**, have a look here: AgileLeanLibrary/People/KenSchwaber/Pre2005 ## Revision 170107: * **_TrainingArtifacts** – A lot of new downloadable templates and stuff to read * **CoreScrum** – A new version of our compendium for trainings [here...]( * **Vidoclips** – Especially the very funny TED talk by Ernesto Sirolli [here...]( # You really should read these challenging entries * **The Puritan Gift** – Read the very important book online [here...]( Back to the library [here...](../index.html)